The New Haven Preservation Trust acknowledges with gratitude the valuable contributions of the following individuals in producing Phases I-III of the Survey of Modern Architecture in New Haven, Connecticut.

Trust Advisor Christopher Wigren has long recognized the need to identify, record, and protect New Haven’s distinctive and representative places that were created in the recent past. His vision and technical support led the Trust to undertake this important project.

Writer, historian and preservation consultant Rachel D. Carley provided a well-research and thougthfully written study report, "Tomorrow is Here: New Haven and the Modern Movement" that provided the historical context and essential background information for compiling the subsequent inventory of Modernist architecture.

Survey Director Charlotte Hitchcock skillfully coordinated the compilation of 123 historic resource inventory forms, preparing many herself and editing those submitted by survey volunteers A.H. Chadderdon, Amy Gagnon, Lucas Karmazinas, and Julie Rosen. Frank Pannenborg, Chris Wigren, and John Herzan reviewed each form and provided additional historical and technical information.

Many others offered assistance, most notably Karyn Gilvarg and the staff of the New Haven City Plan Department, Andy Rizzo and the staff of the New Haven Building Department, Jim Campbell of the New Haven Museum, and the staff of the New Haven Free Public Library. Gratitude is also owed to Vincent C. Amore, an architect whose works are included in this survey, for sharing his memories of the period.

We were particularly fortunate to have Frank Pannenborg, a retired staff architect for the City Plan Department, on the survey team. His knowledge of and access to the Building Department records made it possible to uncover much information that otherwise would not have been easily available. In addition, his firsthand memories of the survey period helped team members interpret information obtained from other sources.

Resource inventories similar to this report are based primarily on the format applied in the Historic Preservation in Connecticut series, compiled by the Connecticut Historical Commission (since replaced by the Historic Preservation and Museum Division of the Connecticut Commission on Culture & Tourism). The template for this study was provided by the Historic Preservation and Museum Division of the Connecticut Commission on Culture & Tourism and draws on the Historic and Architectural Resources Inventory for the Town of Simsbury, Connecticut, prepared in April, 2010, by Lucas Karmazinas of FuturePast Preservation, who in turn drew on survey work compiled by Philip S. Esser and Paul Graziano of Associated Cultural Resource Consultants and by Bruce Clouette of PAST Inc.

Finally, this project would not have been possible without funding from the Historic Preservation Division of the Connecticut Commission on Culture & Tourism. Survey and Grants Director Mary M. Donohue deserves special credit for her enthusiastic support and help throughout the project.

John Herzan
Preservation Services Officer
The New Haven Preservation Trust
June 2011

Anita Buckmaster
Operations Officer
The New Haven Preservation Trust
Revised, January, 2014

Project Sponsors

State of Connecticut

Department of Economic and Community Development, Offices of Culture and Tourism (formerly Connecticut Commission on Culture & Tourism Historic Preservation and Museum Division)

Pelli Clarke Pelli


The New Haven Preservation Trust 

Survey Team - John Herzan, Charlotte Hitchcock, A.H. Chadderdon, Amy Gagnon, Charlotte Hitchcock, Lucas Karmazinas,  Frank Pannenborg, Julie Rosen, Christopher Wigren

Website Team - Jason Bischoff-Wurstle, Anita Buckmaster, Duo Dickinson, Karin Krochmal, Jean Pogwizd

Photographs - Robert T. Coolidge, Enzo Figueres, Robert Gregson, Michael Marsland, Larry Speck, The New Haven Museum, The New Haven Redevelopment Agency, Robert Grzywacz and Gerald Wenner for The New Haven Preservation Trust, NHPT Survey and Website Teams

Filmed Interviews - Original film segments produced by Gerry Wenner, Planet Dog Films.

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